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About Us

Media Reflections, located in Opelika, AL was started July 2013 by Eric Brewer.  For many years, we offered photography and videography; however, after much consideration, we have decided to only offer cinematography starting 2020.  When capturing your day, we use all professional equipment and top of the line software to assist us in molding your moment into a masterpiece.  We work hard to create lifelong memories for our clients.  You will be comfortable with us from the moment you book us.  My love for media started at a young age when my mother bought me my first camera. I would go through roll after roll of film trying to capture everything I could. Never did I know, that a lot of those pictures would be some of my family members and friends only image memoirs of that time period. My interest in videography began a little over 10 years ago, with my first video enabled cell phone. Before then, I didn't have the financial resources to buy a decent video camera; so, I was excited to be able to capture video with my phone. Eventually, I started learning to edit which expanded my creative abilities. Over time, my passion for photography and videography has grown. I've gained a vast amount of knowledge over the years and I still continue to learn more each day.  I love being creative and developing new ideas; my passion is reflected within my work.  Hiring us to capture your moments would create lifelong memories that you will enjoy for years to come!

Let's Create Magic Together!

Don't hesitate any longer! You have come to the right place to have your special day captured as it should.  We would love to provide a cinematic, luxurious heirloom for you to treasure for years to come.





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